With Frontliner, visitors will have instantly printed badges which will help to track them, also restrict their access where needed. This way companies with a big office area can customize visitor’s building or floor access. We also have an option to incorporate quaternaries which will play a big role beyond time.

Quick Peak

Visitor’s badge provides confirmation and authentication. It visually proves that visitors completed the check-in process.

Screen Everyone Entering Your Space

Question of health safety has become the prime concern of current time. Require that your employees and guests have full health safety, questionnaires can be a plus point to resolve the crisis.


E-badges for visitors during the initial sign-in process will control their access as well as limit their area only to where it’s requires.

Host Notification

Choose how you want to get notified when your visitor arrives.

Either through or pop up notification. You choose!

A Digital Register for Digital World

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