Help your Business save more with a Virtual Management System

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Help your Business save more

with a Virtual Management System

On an average, the salary of a reception desk officer in Bangladesh is Tk.234k. For the premises that have a really huge traffic of visitors or have multiple entrances would require more than one desk officer. But do you know you could spend less on labour cost by utilising different features provided by a delivery management system?

The service charge for the frontliner for a year is Tk.36,000- 60,000 based on your subscription
packages. By spending this little amount of money you can save up on a lot.

Lower the Labor Cost

Before the Visitor management system we needed an extra front desk officer to make sure the check-in process is smooth as with a sudden mass of guests, it would be quite impossible for
one person to handle it. So the need for an extra person arises.

But with a visitor management you wouldn’t be needing an extra employee. People can easily self sign in with the tab/ipad provided on the front desk thus saving you money.

Reduced Cost on Office Supplies

There is a certain amount of money spent by offices every year on office supplies. Though in
the digital generation why spend money on pen and paper?

By using a digital management system such as Frontliner you can easily eliminate this
unnecessary spending.

This saves up some funds and also helps to keep the environment safe. Less paper used, less
tree being cut.

No more wasting time on record searching

Not just money you can also save more time. First of all visitor entry is quick which saves the visitor time but it also saves the time of your company. Let’s admit it, the task of manually inputting the data is very much time consuming. Later searching for a specific guest takes a lot of time.

But now with a visitor management system you can search the cloud for information any time
you want. The information of every guest are stored online by itself; you don’t have to manually save it. This also protects the data.

Don’t miss out on an Important Visitor

There are certain times that you are expecting a visitor but you are still out of the premise. Calling someone to pass this information is quite another hassle. No worries now with a Visitor Management system you can notify your host about your current status. You can update him the waiting time or you can also transfer your visitor to any of your co-worker.

You can do all these while being in the traffic jam with your smartphone. This would be done
within some seconds. With this you can ensure a good impression of your company to the
visitor and provide him with a positive experience.

Improve your Visitor Experience

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Improve Your Visitor Experience

Nowadays one of the common words that we hear in this country is Digital. We are dreaming of a Digital Bangladesh and making all sorts of efforts to make this dream come true. Now think of any last premises or an office you paid a visit to.  That same old waiting behind the registration office and then using that pen and paper to sign in to the facility. Let that sync in.

We all know First impression is the last impression. Now it’s your turn to pick how you want to welcome your guest. With the same old pen and paper or you want to join the Digital Generation.

Yes. With Frontline you can totally alter the visitor experience and stand out of the ordinary and join the elite group.

Customized Check in Process

The age for wait in line is gone. Your welcome screen is completely customisable now. Starting from the Home screen to the whole check in process you have the control of everything.  Show off your brand from the very start and even take reviews from your visitor to improve your premises. Upon Arrival an email would be sent to the host via text messages, app notification, email or a slack notification. Also a visitor badge would be printed for the visitor. All these within the time span of some seconds.

Updated Security Protocol

With frontier you can guarantee the safety of the visitors as the sign in process wouldn’t be complete without the necessary information. The visitor would feel safe by seeing the security measure you have taken. With our technology you can set your security standards very high and decline any visitor that seems a bit suspicious.

Pre Visit Communication

Set your meetings via Frontliner. Both the host and the visitor would be given a reminder before the meeting. Even the visitor would be given direction of the meeting place beforehand. This saves time for both the visitor and host. So no more phone calling and waiting. Basically no more hassle Seamless communication with the visitor makes them feel good about your brand and shows your classy superiority.

Right now in this very competitive market we have to stay on top of your game. We need to think about our visitors and give them first-class visitor experience. Frontliner creates a very efficient and time saving experience for the visitor. So say hi to your new guest with style say hi with Frontliner.

5 Ways to improve visitor management with a virtual visitor management system.

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5 ways to improve visitor management

with a virtual visitor management system

In the age of technology it will be very unfair if we use extra workforce for the sake of reception
or helping people with the check-in.
Have you ever considered using a Visitor Management system to save your both time and
Have you considered switching your game into a completely next level?

With a Virtual visitor management system you can optimize both time and resources and also
increase the productivity of the front desk.

So here are 5ways to improve visitor

1. First impression is the last impression

Time and tide waits for none. The first impression time vanishes within some seconds. Just
some seconds to show off your best. Welcome them with the touch of elegancy. Welcome them
with a Visitor Management system and create a professional first impression.

Pick your customized welcome screen and welcome message for the visitor. You can also
include necessary information via the app.

2. Digitalize the whole experience

Create a classy digital experience for your visitor. Doing everything with just the touch of their
hand. The seamless sign-in process. This will save a lot of time for the visitor.

They can also control the checkout process. When done with their meeting they can log out
themselves out from the app. They won’t be needing to go back to the registration to checkout.

3. Allow self-registration and instant notification

Even your own host will be able to join the premises with just a click. You can be updated with
the whole employee log from your dashboard. You will have information on both the check-in
and check-out time of your employees.

The host can leave custom messages for the visitors. If they are out they can update customer
status which will let the visitor know how longer he will have to wait.

4. Switching to a more cloud based solution

Keep all the data in the cloud.

Let’s admit it. The world has changed. Now keeping data to some registration log is outdated.

You are thinking about keeping them stored in your hard drive? That’s outdated too.
Let’s switch to more reliable and better options. Let’s switch to cloud. You can access it from anywhere and everywhere you want and you can give access to other people too if you want.

5. Making security your first priority

Now a day’s security of a premise is very important. People who come to your premises, their
responsibility is on you now. You have to think about their safety. With a Visitor Management
system you can track everyone within the building. You can also ask for a Verification card while

With the evacuation feature you can inform everyone about any danger within the building. You
can also later check the reports of evacuation too.
This is how you can show your visitor how your first priority is the security of the people.

5 key safety measures to be taken at the time of COVID-19

5 key safety measures

to be taken at the time of COVID-19

We are now living in the Covid era. Covid has badly affected our economy.The offices were
closed for a very long time. But we can’t stay still for a long time.Finally office premises have
started opening. As we move forward we also need to make sure about the safety of the
employees and people visiting our facility.


Pre-Qualify Before Arrival

Prevention is always better than cure. The first step should always be more focused on
prevention. The visitors can be or should be pre-screened before they arrive at your premise.
So the individuals at potential health risks are not given permission to enter the facility. With the
Pre Screening form allows you to collect information on possible symptoms recent travel history
or if they have been exposed to anyone who has been tested positive.

Implementing Solutions Across Multiple Locations with Speed

Visitor management software can be installed across multiple locations. You can have the
access or the information of all the locations from your dashboard. Companies need a very
secure system to differentiate between the temporary visitors and also have the knowledge of
who is the person responsible for the visitor.
Frontliner provides a flexible and easy to implement options for the businesses. You can
schedule a meeting from anywhere and anytime. In this global crisis this is a very efficient
solution and the businesses need this more than ever.

Touchless Sign-in

Your reception area is one of the most risky places right now in terms of spreading of germs.
And when the facility has a very high traffic of visitors it’s very difficult to manage regular
sanitization. With the touchless sign in option you can reduce physical touchpoints and better
protect the workplace.
With Frontliner’s touchless sign in option you don’t need to have any more physical contact
points. All you need to do is scan the QR code and sign yourself into the premises.

Social Distancing

Frontliner technically reduces the waiting room time.Normally we see a lot of crowd in front of

the reception. This is very normal as it takes a person a certain amount of time to write his/her
name on the register book. This is very risky right now at the time of this global pandemic.
But now Frontliner is here to totally cut the waiting experience and give the visitors a faster and
risk free experience at the premise.

Automating Contact Tracing

The whole process doesn’t stop after the individual leaves the facility and with pandemic
hanging over our head we need to keep track of who has been in the building and when did he
leave. So later in case of any COVID-19 case we can inform the employees who might have
been potentially exposed and also advise them to get tested.
Frontliner makes the contact tracing method very effortless. This information can be used for a lot of purposes.

If you want to secure your premises during this crucial pandemic time