5 key safety measures

to be taken at the time of COVID-19

We are now living in the Covid era. Covid has badly affected our economy.The offices were
closed for a very long time. But we can’t stay still for a long time.Finally office premises have
started opening. As we move forward we also need to make sure about the safety of the
employees and people visiting our facility.


Pre-Qualify Before Arrival

Prevention is always better than cure. The first step should always be more focused on
prevention. The visitors can be or should be pre-screened before they arrive at your premise.
So the individuals at potential health risks are not given permission to enter the facility. With the
Pre Screening form allows you to collect information on possible symptoms recent travel history
or if they have been exposed to anyone who has been tested positive.

Implementing Solutions Across Multiple Locations with Speed

Visitor management software can be installed across multiple locations. You can have the
access or the information of all the locations from your dashboard. Companies need a very
secure system to differentiate between the temporary visitors and also have the knowledge of
who is the person responsible for the visitor.
Frontliner provides a flexible and easy to implement options for the businesses. You can
schedule a meeting from anywhere and anytime. In this global crisis this is a very efficient
solution and the businesses need this more than ever.

Touchless Sign-in

Your reception area is one of the most risky places right now in terms of spreading of germs.
And when the facility has a very high traffic of visitors it’s very difficult to manage regular
sanitization. With the touchless sign in option you can reduce physical touchpoints and better
protect the workplace.
With Frontliner’s touchless sign in option you don’t need to have any more physical contact
points. All you need to do is scan the QR code and sign yourself into the premises.

Social Distancing

Frontliner technically reduces the waiting room time.Normally we see a lot of crowd in front of

the reception. This is very normal as it takes a person a certain amount of time to write his/her
name on the register book. This is very risky right now at the time of this global pandemic.
But now Frontliner is here to totally cut the waiting experience and give the visitors a faster and
risk free experience at the premise.

Automating Contact Tracing

The whole process doesn’t stop after the individual leaves the facility and with pandemic
hanging over our head we need to keep track of who has been in the building and when did he
leave. So later in case of any COVID-19 case we can inform the employees who might have
been potentially exposed and also advise them to get tested.
Frontliner makes the contact tracing method very effortless. This information can be used for a lot of purposes.

If you want to secure your premises during this crucial pandemic time