Enhance Competence

Companies with immense visitor traffic will be over the top with this new addition. In the time of analog pen and paper based record keeping we came up with digitized visitor tracking reception. This ground-breaking gimmick add to the company’s front desk makes the “time-saving” process an everyday thing.

frontliner ui demo 1

Touchless Sign In

Maintaining personal hygiene in workplaces is the biggest concern trending. Without jeopardizing the safety, workplaces now can upgrade their current check-in system to touchless.

Sign In Without Jeopardizing Safety

Going touchless makes the sign in safer and allows businesses to enforce health and safety regulation. Visitors and employees have a peace of mind beyond time and global health crisis.

Offline Check-In

We have solutions for all situations. Visitors can check-in through Frontliner even when the internet goes off. We never compromise our client’s safety. During the offline check-in, visitors data get saved in the cloud based system thus there’s no fear for data conservation.

Ensure Health Security

Create health questionnaires for the visitor or employees to ensure your work space is healthy. Simply get the information that is required.