Elevate Your Branding

Stay on the top of your branding game. In this competitive generation stay ahead of your competitors with your marketing starting from your reception. Say hello to your visitors in style. Say Hello with Frontliner.

Share and Invite

Share your invite or QR code with your visitor to have a hassle free check-in. Just by scanning the QR or providing the invitation code the visitor can be granted permission to enter the premises. No more calling and confirming. Just scan and enter.

Show off your logo

You can integrate your logo on the app home screen. Even on the visitor app your logo will be displayed when a visitor signs in to your place. So this opens up the opportunity for you to show off your logo to more people. Opens up your branding opportunity.

Say Goodbye to traditional Pen & Paper

Reduce the check-in time or the line in front of the reception. The register is no longer necessary. With the help of our self-check-in feature the visitor can check themselves in and also take their photos with in some seconds and confirm their entry in the premises.

Create your very own questionnaire

With Frontliner, You can create your question sets that the visitor is going to answer before entering the premises.  You can add questions to tailor your needs that might benefit you to make your premises better.  

The home screen is your territory

Sign in page background can be selected by you. This flexible app lets you customize the background page.
Welcome the visitors to the premium experience with your selected check-in screens.

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