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Frontliner is a visitor management software. It’s a cloud based app which facilitates the sign in process for any kind of businesses or any kind of building which requires the guests to sign in and sign out securely. Frontliner ensures the safety and security of the data.

Let’s say goodbye to the registration book. The world is changing rapidly. Everything is being digitalized. Join the touchless communication. With the visitor management system you can: –

  1. Keep track of who is entering your facility.

 2. Go with touchless entry.

 3. Maintain safety and security of your people.

With the sign in process you can have the entry/exit data of the employees and also the visitors. You can limit the amount of visitors in your premise. In the time of COVID, you can also have a health screening process. The touchless check in reduces a lot of risk and is also very conventional.

Upon the entrance, instead of writing their details on the register they just put their info on the tab screen. It’s as simple as that but more fast and secure.

Yes. There is no limit of visitor’s entry number. An unlimited amount of people can check in through the app.

Your data is completely encrypted.

After the visitor signs in the host would be notified with an email, a text message on his phone and also a notification from the Frontliner app.

It’s very easy. All you need is the software on your phone and tab. We will provide you with the log in initials and you are good to go. Our representative will set it up for you and will be always one call away for any kind of assistance related to the software.

We have no limitations. You can add as many hosts as you want.

The software takes in the basic information from the visitor and informs the host that he has a visitor. The software also keeps track of the check in and check out time of everyone.

This totally depends on you. You can set up your own form.

The interface of this app is very simple. It has been designed keeping everyone in mind.  It’s just like filling a form.

No. The software is very much conventional. It’s a self-service software. So you wouldn’t be needing any extra person. The visitor would come in and sign in on the tab by themselves and the host would be sent a notification.

Yes. You can maintain meeting schedule.


The app provides a total touchless experience. People can check in only with the use of invite codes or QR codes. The initial questionnaire can also contain questions related to that. People can be asked about their health conditions or their symptoms.

Right now the virus can be found on any surfaces. So the device is not an exception. But you can easily disinfect it. You can gently clean the device with alcohol or disinfecting wipes. Don’t use bleach or water.

Basically contract tracing helps us to identify if anyone among our visitor who has come in contact with any infected person. With this it’s possible to interrupt the ongoing transmission and also the reduction of infection is possible.

You can very easily find this in your web dash board of the Frontliner app. You can check from your history with the accurate visitor record.


We have both monthly and yearly plans depending on your choice.

We have both online and offline payment method.

Customization Related FAQ's

Yes. You can select the background image of the Check-in page and also select the color to match your own branding color. You can’t change the font though

For user instruction  you can watch our demo video  or can look on our user manual

Evacuation Management FAQ's

Frontliner provides you to let your visitors know about any kind of emergency issues. Everyone will be notified about it via their app. You can monitor their exit via your dashboard. It will work like a roll call for you to know if anyone still didn’t leave the premise.

When the evacuation mode is on, you will be provided with the list of employees in your workplace. You can check if anyone still didn’t check out.

Employee Management FAQ's

After registration you will be given access to Frontliner admin dashboard. From there you can add as many employees as you want.

Yes. You certainly can. This feature is available in all our available plans.

The sign in app is available for both android and ios.

Employees can sign in by scanning the QR code with their app.

No. The sign in app is free.

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