Frontliner can be used in the restaurant industry across the world, to easily bring together customer review, membership or discount card entry and data management. Additionally, Frontliner helps restaurant business comply with digitalized menu card and a unique selling point to give clientele something to remember you by. Below, you’ll find exclusive features of Frontliner specially constructed for restaurants.


Why is Frontliner the right fit for your restaurant facility?


Cloud Based Data

Deploying cloud-based software provides management teams with remote access to their system, something that is immensely valuable for managing data and maintaining visibility at all times. Not to mention having a customer database makes restaurants easily identify their unique customers and their preferences. Also gives access to reach out to their customers whenever requires.


Build Connection With Customers

With Frontliner, you can send personalized greetings or messages to your customer whenever they check-in. You can send your loyal customers birthday wishes or greetings, also can notify them about your newly launched menu, recent combo or offer updates and so on from the data saved through forms.


Add A USP To Your Restaurant

When the world is going digitalized why you will lag behind? In the time of COVID-19 when the world is more into social distancing, people prefer and refer to restaurants that provide digitized services. Which most of our local restaurants lack even after serving the best food on the table.


Archive Your Customer Experience

Create incentives because your time is valuable, and so is your customers’, so make sure you’re giving customers a reason to leave a review. Incorporate requests for reviews as part of getting a discount or membership card or free food coupon. And get the chance to improve customer experience


Value Your Loyal Customers

If taken digitally, customers tend to show more interest in filling up forms for membership cards or coupons. It will increase your customer data traffic like nothing else. With the help of membership data, you can offer individual customers a series of discount vouchers or send alerts for your new adds on the menu based on their most frequent purchases.



While restaurants are upgrading themselves each and every day, your restaurant can have a digital tab based menu served on the table with automation ordering process.

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