Help your Business save more with a Virtual Management System

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Help your Business save more

with a Virtual Management System

On an average, the salary of a reception desk officer in Bangladesh is Tk.234k. For the premises that have a really huge traffic of visitors or have multiple entrances would require more than one desk officer. But do you know you could spend less on labour cost by utilising different features provided by a delivery management system?

The service charge for the frontliner for a year is Tk.36,000- 60,000 based on your subscription
packages. By spending this little amount of money you can save up on a lot.

Lower the Labor Cost

Before the Visitor management system we needed an extra front desk officer to make sure the check-in process is smooth as with a sudden mass of guests, it would be quite impossible for
one person to handle it. So the need for an extra person arises.

But with a visitor management you wouldn’t be needing an extra employee. People can easily self sign in with the tab/ipad provided on the front desk thus saving you money.

Reduced Cost on Office Supplies

There is a certain amount of money spent by offices every year on office supplies. Though in
the digital generation why spend money on pen and paper?

By using a digital management system such as Frontliner you can easily eliminate this
unnecessary spending.

This saves up some funds and also helps to keep the environment safe. Less paper used, less
tree being cut.

No more wasting time on record searching

Not just money you can also save more time. First of all visitor entry is quick which saves the visitor time but it also saves the time of your company. Let’s admit it, the task of manually inputting the data is very much time consuming. Later searching for a specific guest takes a lot of time.

But now with a visitor management system you can search the cloud for information any time
you want. The information of every guest are stored online by itself; you don’t have to manually save it. This also protects the data.

Don’t miss out on an Important Visitor

There are certain times that you are expecting a visitor but you are still out of the premise. Calling someone to pass this information is quite another hassle. No worries now with a Visitor Management system you can notify your host about your current status. You can update him the waiting time or you can also transfer your visitor to any of your co-worker.

You can do all these while being in the traffic jam with your smartphone. This would be done
within some seconds. With this you can ensure a good impression of your company to the
visitor and provide him with a positive experience.

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