How Frontliner is a good fit for a Restaurant Business

How Frontliner is a Good Fit

for Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is one of the most booming businesses right now. A restaurant faces a huge traffic of customers everyday. In this generation a restaurant badly requires a Visitor Management System.

Frontliner  helps a restaurant business in a lot of ways. It helps with the growth of sales and adds some elite features to the restaurant.

Comprehensive Customer Order History

With Frontliner you can sort customer order history. You can figure out which item has been ordered the most. With these you can also improve your low ordered item. This helps you to look at the analytics and make a more data driven decision.
You can also see the order time of items and take cooking preparation early. Frontliner just helps you with the data that is collected from your customer base to help you improve your sales in a more drastic manner.

Scope for focused Marketing

Restaurants are in a battle to be at the top. Trying to do something unique just to stand out from their competition. Now you can do more focused marketing with the use of Frontliner. Customers fill a set of questions via the app. You can use these surveys to do more focused and tailored marketing.
As for example you can send discounts to people on their birthdays. Initiatives like this can increase your sales.

Real time customer feedback and solution

The feedback of a customer is very necessary for any kind of business. The importance increases more for a restaurant business and it’s very necessary to keep a good customer based relationship.
You can have the customer’s review sent to your dashboard directly. You can work on the solution right away. 

In app menu

After the Check in is done the visitor will be automatically provided with the menu on their app. You don’t need a waiter to stand there with the menu. Everything can be done so easily with the use of the system.
This actually provides a very good first impression and also saves time.

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