How Retail Benefits with Frontliner in terms of Customer Experience

How Retail Benefits with Frontliner

in terms of Customer Experience

In present time customer service has become the new brand. The race to own customer experience is on!

Businesses are recognizing the importance of bringing an experience that makes them stand out from their competition. Not to mention, retail deals with both products and services. While products are consumed, services are experienced.

A lot of your time, energy and money is spent in bringing that product out and making the catch. Now that you have made those customers, the question arises how do you keep them? Here comes the picture of creating a good customer experience. Customer experience is critical and is the key to create an impact especially for retail businesses.

According to recent Digital Trends reports by E-consultancy: 54% of retailers say customer experience is their most important area of strategic focus (2017 Trends in Retail).

With Frontliner, this acute challenge becomes 100 times easier.

Retail businesses face the biggest struggle to reach out to their customers and to get valid feedback about their products and services. This may seem impossible to reach out to every customer of multiple locations. However, only Frontliner is making the dream come true.

With our tab-based SAAS platform, retail businesses now can easily capture customer feedback in real time. For instance, when a customer is buying fresh produced veggies or fish from a retail shop, with the help of Frontliner, he can easily leave ratings as well as elaborated feedback of the product in real time. Also, if a loyal or repeat customer sees that the quality of your product is fluctuating, this feedback can immediately reach out to you in real time. This is how you can save your business from losing potential customers. Plain and simple, it leads to profits. Increasing customer retention by 5% improves your sales by 25-95%, depending on the industry.

Instead of simply attracting new customers, more and more businesses are trying to retain existing customers, as it costs 5 times less.

Apart from the product review, now let’s talk about customer service feedback. At times even if
your product is top notch yet because of your staff’s attitude or reluctant behavior customers lose
the need to visit your outlet. In that case, instant review on service or on particular staff’s behavior mitigates the possibility of customer dissatisfaction.

Our custom tailored review page can bring wonder to your customer experience service. You can add as many options and a variety of designs as per your business need. 

Today, customers have the power, not the sellers. Customers have a plethora of options to choose from & make purchases anywhere on their own. This is why it’s so important to provide a
remarkable experience and make them want to continue doing business with you — customers
are your best resource for growing your brand awareness in a positive way.

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