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Improve Your Visitor Experience

Nowadays one of the common words that we hear in this country is Digital. We are dreaming of a Digital Bangladesh and making all sorts of efforts to make this dream come true. Now think of any last premises or an office you paid a visit to.  That same old waiting behind the registration office and then using that pen and paper to sign in to the facility. Let that sync in.

We all know First impression is the last impression. Now it’s your turn to pick how you want to welcome your guest. With the same old pen and paper or you want to join the Digital Generation.

Yes. With Frontline you can totally alter the visitor experience and stand out of the ordinary and join the elite group.

Customized Check in Process

The age for wait in line is gone. Your welcome screen is completely customisable now. Starting from the Home screen to the whole check in process you have the control of everything.  Show off your brand from the very start and even take reviews from your visitor to improve your premises. Upon Arrival an email would be sent to the host via text messages, app notification, email or a slack notification. Also a visitor badge would be printed for the visitor. All these within the time span of some seconds.

Updated Security Protocol

With frontier you can guarantee the safety of the visitors as the sign in process wouldn’t be complete without the necessary information. The visitor would feel safe by seeing the security measure you have taken. With our technology you can set your security standards very high and decline any visitor that seems a bit suspicious.

Pre Visit Communication

Set your meetings via Frontliner. Both the host and the visitor would be given a reminder before the meeting. Even the visitor would be given direction of the meeting place beforehand. This saves time for both the visitor and host. So no more phone calling and waiting. Basically no more hassle Seamless communication with the visitor makes them feel good about your brand and shows your classy superiority.

Right now in this very competitive market we have to stay on top of your game. We need to think about our visitors and give them first-class visitor experience. Frontliner creates a very efficient and time saving experience for the visitor. So say hi to your new guest with style say hi with Frontliner.

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